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I offer private sessions for those looking to dive deeper into their creative practice.

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Clarity Sessions

Perfect for visionaries just beginning a business adventure and in need of guidance for where to start - from prioritizing to branding to picking a platform.

45-Minute Session • $108

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Creative Sessions

Learn specific skillsets, get feedback and guidance on a current project, or work through creative blocks in a brainstorming session.

60-Minute Session • $160

3-Session Bundle • $350


Sigil Mentorship

Learn sigil-tech, the art
of crafting personal empowerment symbols to reprogram your subconscious & shift your reality.

Session 1:
Theory & Crafting 

Session 2:

Casting & Magical Timing

2-Session Mentorship • $288

Get the Brand Visioning Workbook

A 20+ page workbook of heart-centric questions designed to help you clarify your soul's vision for your brand, identify your ideal client & jumpstart the direction for your next project launch or creative venture. 

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Iona is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents.

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