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At the intersection of prayer & you the lamp of legends flickers & comes alight. This is an invitation to pray with your heart beat. Each pulse pushing a sound, a color, a smell, a symphony of rhythmic future memory through the living singing forest of your circuitry. There was a time when the living water fell upon the stones & they walked out of the earth. Can you recall that soft & sweet singing thunder, rolling across earthflesh & rising up to meet you? Perhaps it was you who rose to meet them. But let’s not re-cleave what moss and silt and water weavers have so lovingly mended. Sticky sweet stitches spanning sun seasons soon sand. Marbled celestial time, veins of prayer ripping and roaring through canyons and feeling their way into groves of soft listening. Enshrining weathered hearts in heartwood. And oh! The pleasure that blossoms and drips dew deep into this terrestrial crucible. The heart of a god on the Isle of the Birds, a reign of peace taking root, persisting among the imperishable stars. Click here to journal a prayer. Writings will not be saved or shared. This is a moment only for you, right now, should you chose to take it.

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