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Brand Visioning Workbook

Something happens when you put pen to paper. You access another dimension of yourself. You draw thought into form and a primordial rhythm emerges. You follow the beat.

Words emerge, still breathless from the encounter, that irresistible embrace, a hand pushing flushed pen up against paper.

Make your mark.

The anticipation a blank page holds is irresistible, isn’t it? It’s an invitation, a net to catch your wildest wanderings.

Writing is like getting in a canoe. Once you find yourself in the current, you’re in a flow that at times you can’t control. It’s a whole new perspective, and it can be surprising. Crystal rocks and fish emerge beneath you, invisible from the shore, and the sun paints pictures on the surface of the water, dancing and illusive.

It’s only then, once you pull in your paddle and experience the flow, that you realize that up until this moment, you’ve just been walking along the riverbank. From here, within this flow, the possibilities are endless.

Writing is such a powerful tool. Deceptively simple, it brings desires to the surface, it releases limiting beliefs lodged in the mud and it washes clean pebbles of possibility.

For the first time I’m making my Brand Visioning Workbook available to anyone. Previously, this clarity tool was for my clients only, but I’ve gotten so much great feedback about this writing tool that I’ve decided to let everyone play!

This is step one of every major branding collaboration. It helps us establish a north star, keeping us focused and on-mission.

With 20+ pages of heart-centric questions designed to help you clarify your vision, you’ll identify your ideal client and reflect on what makes your magic so authentic.

It’s perfect for people who are ready to take the next step in committing to their creativity and are looking for a reflective invitation that’s self-paced and solution-oriented.

Get it at the reduced launch rate until Fall Equinox. This is a great treat to end your summer with, and to prep you for your next power move in the upcoming celestial window.


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