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High Council

Connecting to the divine and receiving guidance and blessings isn’t something we need to try to do. It’s happening all the time!

It’s the learning to listen part - that bit that we *think* we already know how to do - that’s the real challenge.

I’ve been taking my thoughts into nature to untangle them, to what’s becoming known humorously around here as “High Council”.

If I were to make a list of all the things High Council doesn’t give a shit about...let me tell you. 😂

When you communicate with nature spirits, to water, stones, the wind - the answers always seem really simple.

A tree isn’t trying to *figure out* how to be prosperous, happy, or live its most sacred aligned soul life - it just keeps reaching towards the sun. Every day. Can we make it this simple? Can we laugh about it?

We are beings of form, and we need to experience form in a very present, tangible way to integrate the wisdom and intelligence that is flowing all around us.

Use your body in 3 dimensional space. It’s not boring. I love 3D - so many overlooked pearls and spontaneous miracles.

Metaphors don’t exist. I think they’re actually pretty dangerous - they help us communicate perhaps, or notice a relationship that we might of missed otherwise, but when it’s all said and done they disconnect us from the phenomena at hand. They ARE the thing. Not a stand in or a nod to another thing. Your finger isn’t like Jupiter, or syncing with Jupiter, or talking to Jupiter, or activating Jupiter. Your find is Jupiter. Right now. Do you see how that changes you? How it gives you agency and power? It’s not voluntary. Do you know what I mean? Can you stay there?

The easiest things are somehow always the hardest. Call it cultural conditioning, call it karmic debts, call it everyone-else-but-you, call it whatever you want.

The radio is always on - it’s always there whether or not we are. The ease at which you change the station could be the ease at which you change your life, just like that, tomorrow. Done. Poof.

Onward! 🐉


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