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How can you create an impression?

In a fast-paced digital age where most are exhausted and over-inundated with images, how do you create in a way that serves your message and mission without treating yourself like a machine?

Many want a fool-proof branding kit with rules and templates so they can put it on autopilot.

Although this can definitely be helpful and provide structure, don’t throw your natural intuition and creative urges out!

A visual language invites you to play with confidence. It should grow with you, and uphold the frequency of your message at every moment. It shouldn’t be a prison. It should help you expand, not force you to contract.

I’m proposing tuning in to the energetics of visual language and letting intuition and joy move you - as a design and marketing PRIORITY.

Even if it means using a different font. I know. Gasp!

When I walk into the studio, I want the work of yesterday to move me. If I’m not feeling anything, chances are my client won’t either. There’s a lot of slick, professional design out there. It’s pretty forgettable, in my opinion.

Here are some questions I like to ask myself in studio:

1. Can you see humanity in this? Is there an invitation present?

2. Is this giving me energy or does it just look good? (2 different things!)

3. What personality does this font/color/shape have? Is it contributing to how I want my audience to feel?

Curious about a collaboration?

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