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Intuition is your greatest design tool.

Waterfalls have always been the ultimate symbol of divine creativity and prosperity for me.

When you stand in reverence of these powerful, infinite expressions of abundant life in nature you can’t help but feel it all flowing through you.

It shows us that it doesn’t have to be hard, that it can be easy - and even a little wild. 🍃

Nature reminds us how pervasive this creative tantric energy is, how scarcity is a myth, and how easy it is to course correct when we get distracted from our missions.

That waterfall out there — it’s still happening. You know the one.

Creativity is inevitable when we make ourselves fit receptacles and open up to source energy.

Our earth bodies are necessary forms - made to harness, reflect, and express the sublime found in the light.

How are you getting grounded in form this solstice?

Curious about a collaboration?

I’m offering 20% all new design projects until June 30.

Reserve your discounted rate now and then confirm project details any time before the Autumnal Equinox.

E-mail me ( to start the conversation or see if we would be a good fit.



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Iona is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents.

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