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Form + Light = Color

The Reflector + The Reflected = The Message

You (the reflector, aka light embodied, aka form) are a key ingredient here!

You! In your earth body — moving, breathing, walking, touching. Raw material. Clay from the river. The wind caught in creativity, bound by soft skin. The fog left on the window. The warmth still on the pillow from your deep sleep.

A Living Testimony.

Do you think my green looks like your green?

Without you, the channel, the vessel to fill, the light made manifest, the color in motion — where would the light land?

Giving, receiving, holding, precipitating, sharing, revealing — every interaction is dependent on your earth body, either directly or indirectly.

This is why I never spend time worrying about trends, standing out, or originality as an artist. These are useless distractions masquerading as productivity/marketing hacks for hustle culture, and 9/10 I find that they don’t make good art.

They also don’t generally make me feel good when they’re the place I begin from. Thumbs down to that.

What you have already inside of you, can’t possibly be expressed and shared like anyone else would do it. You don’t even have to try. It’s all there for you already. Listening is the game now.

Listening + Action

Begin from you. You are the good idea. Now be it.

At first I thought the earth teachings were about contrast and polarity - the friction that accompanies all good challenges. But now I really think working #onplanet is the most profound poetic medicine one can be apart of.

Participation on this plane is mandatory, and dare I say underrated and revolutionary. So many keys, laid bare before us. All that is required is our participation, and our CELEBRATION.

How are you celebrating the divinity inherent in your form?


© 2021 Iona


Iona is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents.

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