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Summer Solstice Sale

The first step is showing up. The second step is getting out of the way.

True creativity is about letting source move through you. It’s about remembering to plug in and giving form to the infinite. It’s about bearing witness to the light precipitating on this plane, falling into matter, color as a way of being - at that sweet moment where there are still questions, wonder, and a deep desire to experience something that you never have before.

You are not a brand. You are an embodied soul living on earth, loving, creating and connecting with others.

You don’t “need branding”. You, and everyone else you touch in turn, would find infinite joy and pleasure in pulling your visual language down into the poetic world of form. Treat yourself as such.

I’m taking 20% off all new creative projects booked with me until the end of the month. What can I say - Summer Solstice always gives me the feels and year one of Iona has me all emotional over here.

If you’re feeling the call to swim out to your island, let me know. Until then, sun-beaming your way.


© 2021 Iona


Iona is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents.

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