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The Dryad Collection 


Introducing a very special collection of woodland adornments, born during time spent in a sacred forest landscape full of singing mugwort, pyramidical meditation chambers and crumbling stone structures of old. To embody the frequency of the dryad is to awaken the warrior spirit of the great oak, an interminable, unshakable peace at the call of the warrior nymph.


Each of the 11 bespoke adornments is a unique occurrence of crystal, 14k gold and channeled invitation, cast upon with sacred geometrical light language shapes on the full moon in virgo of 2022. The lookbook is a visual experience akin to a devotional, with the channeled invitations available as a complimentary download


To acquire a piece of the collection is to step into a royal lineage of caretakers - protectors of peace tending to the ancient forges of the heart, will & spirit. Thank you for coming with me into this new age.

Framed Altar Prints

Framed original artwork to transform your energy field and that of your home. 

Light Language Grids

Experience the magick of sacred geometry and color as prayer art form.

1:1 Sessions

Private creative, business or magickal mentorship


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