dharmic design destined for your mission

welcome to the garden

dharmic design destined

for your mission

      there are treasures



      glittering like gods

      in your mind

align your marketing with your energy

My name is Tiffany & I work with visionaries to translate their soul's mission into magnetic visual language.

New paradigms require

new lexicons.

I root your visual identity in your authentic truth and create conscious marketing materials that honor your uniqueness.

Let's collaborate to create a transformational shift in your brand.


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who do I work with?


You've discovered your divine gift & you're ready to share it in a way that uplifts others.


You need to

bring clarity to your brand in an authentic way that converts.


You're busy in the studio & you need someone else to mastermind your next launch or line drop.


You're launching your dream program and you need dynamic, hypnotic

course materials.

Conscious Leaders

You're here on a mission & you're ready to invest in yourself.

Visionary Brands

You're wanting a fresh look to stand out in a sea of digital mediocracy.

from my clients

Tiffany Tate brings a subtlety, precision, and artistic vision to any seed of an idea. Her ability to capture the essence and identity of a business from a single logo is alchemy at its finest.

Remington Donovan


ready to invest in your vision?

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