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I like making friends and meeting creative visionaries.

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“Tiffany Tate brings a subtlety, precision, and artistic vision to any seed of an idea. Her ability to capture the essence and identity of a business from a single logo is alchemy at its finest.”

Remington Donovan


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Please fill out this form if you are interested in a potential collaboration or would like to receive an estimate. 

Applications that are completed thoughtfully and completely will be given priority. If I have not responded to your inquiry within 1 week, I am politely declining at this time.

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  • What's in a typical branding package?
    No two collaborations are ever the same! We always start with a conversation about what your goals are and what materials would be the most useful. Branding packages typically consist of a combination of the following: Basic Building Blocks: • Brand Visioning Workbook • Logo System (different sizes & layouts for different spaces) • Font System (2-3 typefaces) • Color Palette • Custom Icons • Patterns & Backgrounds • Style & Use Guide • Canva Integration & Tutorial Marketing & Content Assets: • Custom Feature Art Pieces (often to highlight services or special events) • Social Media Templates • E-mail Templates • PDF Workbook Templates • Web Page Mockups • Printed Collateral & Merch (Business Cards, Stationary, Tote Bags, Packaging etc.) Not included: Full Website Design, Extended Publication Design, Copy-Writing from Scratch If you're interested in seeing samples of complete branding packages from past clients, you can request full packages via the inquiry form on this page or by e-mail.
  • How long does it take & what's your process like?
    All branding collaborations start with the Brand Visioning Workbook, a brainstorming tool with heart-centric questions designed to help you identify and clarify your mission and ideal client. After you complete the workbook, I use your answers and goals to inspire a few different aesthetic concepts. You'll give me feedback on what direction feels most in alignment and we'll dive back in for revisions. It usually takes 3-5 rounds of tweaking the details until we get it just right. Depending on how many marketing assets you would like, branding collaborations typically take 5 - 8 weeks to finish, including revisions and with the average client response time being 3-5 days. If you're up against a hard deadline, please inquire about specifics and rush fees.
  • Am I going to be able to use everything we make by myself?
    Yes! My goal is to empower you so you don't have to continue to rely on designers or fancy, expensive software to use what we make daily. For using any templates that we make together I recommend Canva, an internet-hosted user-friendly design platform. Canva allows you to upload your branding assets and build or edit marketing assets quickly for easy reuse. Plus it has an app so you can update and export quickly on the go! We'll wrap up our collaboration with a Canva tutorial if you're interested in learning more about the software. I'll upload all of your goodies to your account for you and show you how to build assets and give you a few design pointers. You'll also get a PDF Style Guide that includes examples and mockups at the end of our collaboration. These detail how to use what fonts where, what an example web page module or social media asset might look like, and act as a concise guide and package to reference and share with future team members or collaborators.
  • I already have branding. Can you work with that?
    Yes! Just let me know the details and we can go from there.
  • How do I know where to start, or what I need?"
    I think it's important to first identify what your marketing or content goals are and what platform your audience will most likely be on. For example, if you're not interested in immediately sending out e-newsletters, deciding on an e-mail host and a header design can wait. If you already feel confident with Canva and you enjoy creative play, maybe you opt for a few more special icons instead of social media templates. If you're hoping to rely heavily on instagram to showcase your brand, you might be able to build a single-page website by yourself on Squarespace or Wix without my help! I typically suggest starting with establishing the basics (logo, font system, color palette, and a few icons/patterns), then thinking about how you want to spend your time and what's worth the extra energy. I'm happy to help you sort through the options and identify what assets would be the most useful for you! You can always add on marketing items or specific art pieces at the end if you decide you would like these extras. Sometimes it's nice to wait about halfway through the collaboration before you decide. When you start to see your visual language come to life it can help clarify where you might want extra marketing support and where you feel confident enough to fly solo.
  • What are your website design packages like?
    I design websites in Wix, Squarespace & some Wordpress sites, depending on what plug-ins you have installed. If your site is hosted on another platform please shoot me a message with the details to see if we can make it work! I can take sites from start to finish, build single strategic sales pages on pre-existing sites, or build any number of custom templates for you to duplicate and play with later. I offer multiple package types at different price points, depending on the number of pages, complexity of design, functionality, and how much you want to be involved in the actual construction on the backend. Please inquire with a page inventory and specific goals for an estimate or multiple options at different price points.
  • How much do you charge?
    Branding packages are intimate collaborations that involve multiple custom concepts at each round of revisions, of which there are typically 3-5. A lot of care is taken to present multiple ideas in mockup form that make it easy to imagine what it will all look like together! Investments start at $1,600 for a custom branding package. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your start date, and the remaining balance is due at the end of the project. Please inquire about custom installment plans.
  • Can we hop on a phone call?
    I ask that all potential collaborators fill out the inquiry form on this page first. If your project feels like it would be a good fit for me at this time I will reach out about a possible phone call. Please take care to answer all questions on the form thoughtfully, and provide examples/links if you feel like it would be helpful. Priority is given to those who provide complete and thoughtful responses, even if they include some unknowns! If you do not hear from me within 1 week, I am politely declining.
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