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a limited run seasonal newspaper-workbook

a collaboration on paper between Tiffany Tate & Amy Keller

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Issue II

Summer 2023


A summer newspaper-workbook a'blossom with dewy self inititations amongst the unfurling ferns. 

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Issue I

Winter 2022

2 Copies Left!


A winter newspaper meets workbook with practices, prompts and stories that invite you to turn inward and nurture your spirit this hearthing season. 

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Meet The Makers


I help creators, storytellers, & brand builders to generate clarity and confidence in their voice, vision and execution. For over 20 years, I've worked on both the consumer & corporate side of sales and digital communications in the Fashion and Beauty industries.

In 2020, I created, marketed and taught Mega Magnetic Storytelling, a heart-centered marketing & branding course and community.

Hi From Amy Keller


Hi From Tiffany Tate

I channel visual language and transformational imagery for mystics and makers that reflects their energy field. I co-founded a peer-lead art space in Philadelphia, wrote collegiate graphic design curriculums and worked as a designer for a high-end art gallery in NY before joining a  global wellness company as their Creative Director. I now run Iona, a magick school masquerading as a creative studio I founded in 2020.

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