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Active Surrender

If you had invented an alphabet, sculpting characters that attempt to lasso experience into communicable meaning, what would it have looked like?

Would color have played a role? Would you have presented sounds next to one another in a line?

How would these marks inform the message?

What is their relationship to where you live, what you love and one another?

the movement in an “s”

the leap of faith off of the end of an “r”

the pervasive peace in the “o”

the turbulence of the “w”

There’s magic hidden in our language.

Don’t discount the obvious.

“sur” = over, above, beyond

“render” = give back, return, deliver

“deliver” = set free, liberate, bring a living soul to the earth plane

Intuitive play and research can yield many different paths, but at some point, we have to do something with all of the knowledge