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Redefining branding for the living human being

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Get “Mud Poems”, a zine of original words and imagery made in the mystic mountains of Pennsylvania.

I love making publications.

Everyone is saying that your attention is one of the greatest commodities.

I think that this is true, but I don’t think that the answer to effective communication is directly proportional to speed.

What’s effective communication? It’s an invitation for a transformational experience.

It’s multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, non-linear, morphogenic and holographic —

which is why I’m making a push for us to focus on developing our “Visual Language” as human beings over turning ourselves into a buttoned-up “Brand” with a “strategy”. More on this later.

We’re living souls making and sharing - not faceless companies wanting someone else’s checklist and a bunch of rules that produce “nice” social media templates or a fool-proof marketing plan.

We don’t want someone to do it for us anymore.

There’s wild creative energy from source longing to pour through you - if you can learn how to harness and honor it you’ll never think about a marketing plan again.

So publications —

They’re intimate by nature. They build worlds. They give permission. Their reveal defies hustle culture.

Reveal. Don’t you like that word?

They don’t pander to those just passing through looking for instant gratification, but demand undivided attention, from which they’ll reveal hidden treasure.

👋 Raise your hand if you like doing one thing at a time.

👋 If you value the mystery unraveled in slow moments

👋 If you’re committed to not watering it all down to reach the masses, but retreating further into your own magic to profoundly change the lives of a few that are ready to listen

Me too.

I’m holding a vision for a future that’s full of spontaneous sublime art that heals across timelines. For a future that’s full of creation and joy because it couldn’t possibly be any other way.

Want to come?

Interested in creating a publication or designing a workbook?

I’m offering 20% off all new design collaborations.

Snag your discounted rate before 6/30/21 and then confirm the details with me any time before Fall Equinox. E-mail me at for details.


© 2021 Iona


Iona is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents.

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