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Redefining branding for the living human being

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Get “Mud Poems”, a zine of original words and imagery made in the mystic mountains of Pennsylvania.

I love making publications.

Everyone is saying that your attention is one of the greatest commodities.

I think that this is true, but I don’t think that the answer to effective communication is directly proportional to speed.

What’s effective communication? It’s an invitation for a transformational experience.

It’s multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, non-linear, morphogenic and holographic —

which is why I’m making a push for us to focus on developing our “Visual Language” as human beings over turning ourselves into a buttoned-up “Brand” with a “strategy”. More on this later.

We’re living souls making and sharing - not faceless companies wanting someone else’s checklist and a bunch of rules that produce “nice” social media templates or a fool-proof marketing plan.

We don’t want someone to do it for us anymore.

There’s wild creative energy from source longing to pour through you - if you can learn how to harness and honor it you’ll never think about a marketing plan again.

So publications —