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Holy Shapes Prayer Grid

Holy Shapes Prayer Grid

This is an interdimensional prayer practice. It uses color and sacred geometry to transcribe intention into energetic form. It works in the subtle realms and in your aura to shift your realty. 


I like to think of the shapes & colors as tiny containers of potential at specific frequencies. They cultivate & collect resonant energies on the higher planes to amplify or manifest a desired state of existence.


About the 49-Shape Prayer Portal Grid

Think of the 49 - Shape Prayer Portal Grid like an energetic blueprint - a garden of geometries at specific frequencies working together to manifest deep, multi-faceted change on a profound level, provided you're in the energetic space to receive it. :)


These grids deal with a very specific intention, and each shape addresses a nuanced state of being that contributes to the cultivation as a whole.


Here's How It Works

I'll send you an intake form after your purchase where you'll tell me what intention you'd like to focus on. It's best to focus on one intention per grid. When I recieve the form back I'll send you your prayer grid + video walkthrough.


You'll Receive

• A major high magic energy activation

• A PDF collage of your grid that you  can print as an altar card (digital file)

• A phone wallpaper to use as an on-the-go contemplation object to further unlock its magic in your own intuitive way

• A audio / video walkthrough that shares information about the lineage, practice and energies specific to your grid


*Please note that your grid and audio file may be used as promotional or educational material. Names and specific identifying information will not be made public in any of the materials I share. 


*Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to make your grid and prepare your audio explanation. 


  • Return Policy

    I feel confident that if you are energetically open to receiving these  frequencies then you will experience a positive shift in your reality. This energy exchange is non-refundable.

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